À la carte

À la carte

L = lactose-free
VL = low lactose
G = gluten-free
M = dairy-free
VS = contains garlic
P = contains nuts
VEG = vegan


  • Borsch Soup (L) 12.00

    Cabbage-beetroot broth, pork neck and smoked sour cream

  • Baltic Herring, Garlic and Sea Buckthorn (L, G) 13.00

    Pickled and charred Baltic herring, with garlic-honey puree and sea buckthorn panna cotta

  • Funnel Chanterelle, Parsnip and Rowanberry (L) 13.00

    Funnel chantarelle pie, parsnip, hazelnut and rowanberry gel

  • Reindeer in two ways and Spruce Sprout (L) 15.00

    Reindeer shank croquette, fried reindeer entrecôte and cranberry-spruce sprout sauce

  • Tiiliholvi's Tartar (L) 14.00

    Finnish beef tenderloin, salted egg yolk, fried capers, Worcester mayonnaise and house mustard

  • Escargots (L, G) 14.00

    Escargots with herb and garlic butter and Emmental or Blue cheese

Main courses

  • Porcini Risotto (L, G) 22.00
  • Arctic Char, Orange and Dill (L, G) 26.00

    Fried arctic char, dill seed potatoes and orange hollandaise

  • Pork in two ways and Root Vegetables (L) 26.00

    Finnish pork, autumn roll, smoked celery puree and honey-rosemary sauce

  • Wild Duck, Cherry and Wheat (L) 26.00

    Fried duck breast, wheat and German turnip salad with cherry sauce

  • Deer, Lingonberry and Juniper Berry (L, G) 26.00

    Deer roast with and Osso Bucco, red wine risotto and lingonberry syrup

  • Tiiliholvi's Peppercorn Steak (L, G) 36.00

    Tenderloin steak, potato cake, root vegetable purée and peppercorn sauce


  • White Chocolate, Rose and Lychee (G) 14.00

    White chocolate namelaka, rose meringue and lychee broth

  • Blackcurrant, Port Wine and Rosemary (L) 13.00

    Rosemary cake, blackcurrant meringue and port wine jelly

  • Pear Tarte Tatin (L) 13.00

    Pear pie with Xante vanilla ice cream

  • Selection of Cheese with Compote 15.00

Children's Menu

  • Starter

    Soup of the Day

  • Main course

    Arctic Char or Pork

  • Dessert

    Jäätelö or Sorbetti

  • 17.00