Chef’s Tasting Menu

Tasting Menu – 80 €


French Onion Soup à la Tiiliholvi

Seafood Arancini

Blini with White Fish Roe, Onion and Sour Cream

Tiiliholvi’s Beef Tartar

Beef Rillette “Vorschmack”

Pike Perch, Perch and Pea

Milk Chocolate, Rosemary and BlackcurranT

Orange, Sea Buckthorn and Spruce Sprout


Drinks to go with – 68 €

Please note that the Tasting Meal is only available for the entire table and the last menu orders must be made by 21:00.

We use low-lactose dairy products in our portions.  Kindly inform us of other diets at least 24 hours before your event.